DoveAbout a year and a half ago I arrived at Elaine's office suffering from Panic Attacks. Prior to seeing Elaine, I had tried medications for treatment and I was unable to tolerate taking them. My condition had progressed to the point where I could no longer leave my house without having a panic attack, therefor I resorted to not leaving my house. I would not go to the grocery store, the pharmacy... I was not driving anywhere or leaving my house for anything. I felt like I would live the rest of my life like this, since I couldn't take the medications that the doctor wanted me to take. I felt like I had no options, until I found Elaine. After my first session with Elaine (that my mother drove me to) I drove home from the appointment! A few short months later, I was driving from Saratoga to Queensbury on the Northway to finish my Associates Degree at Adirondack Community College (I got my degree!). I drive everywhere now, to the grocery store, to the pharmacy... I leave my house whenever I need to. Elaine helped me to regain my power and helped to give me back my life. Without Elaine, I would still be sitting in my house letting life pass me by. Making that appointment to see her was one of the best things I have ever done.





Like you, I was searching the web, looking for a holistic therapist, someone with whom I could feel safe, not judged, and be held in the highest regard. I was looking for someone that would not only address my emotions, but also my body and my soul. I was looking for someone to help me deal with painful issues and allow me to heal these wounds. I wondered, is there someone out there that can help, really help me and work through a lot of stuff? The day I met Elaine Simione, was the beginning of a journey that is changing my world. I clearly feel that she walks the walk. Her patience, understanding, and knowledge of integrative modalities help in assessing each person's therapeutic needs. Whether you have eating issues, abuse issues, addictions, depression, or just plain feel that something isn't right, Elaine's compassion, therapeutic skills, and down to earth personality will help guide you in making the positive changes for personal growth and healing in your life. To feel worthiness, fulfillment and love is what the Creator of the Universe intends for each one of us. I am truly blessed that Elaine is in my life.




DoveElaine has been instrumental in so many different trials and tribulations in my life. She has helped me immensely in teaching me and encouraging me to feel my feelings. Being the middle child of alcoholic parents, I was an expert at stuffing my feelings. I could feel the "good" feelings, but none of the "bad" feelings. I was numb. I didn't think I ever experienced anger, but I just didn't acknowledge it. Elaine helped me to get in touch with what was going on in my body. I suffered some major losses in my life while working with Elaine. I can honestly say that I don't think I would have survived without Elaine and my PTI friends. Everyone was so supportive, empathetic and loving that I felt totally safe that everything would work out fine. Elaine is a wonderful teacher. She has taught me to take care of myself so I can take better care of others. She has helped me to let my inner light shine. It is an amazing experience to realize that I am a good person. After many years of feeling unworthy, I now know I am worthy because I am a child of God. Elaine brought me to this realization. I really could go on and on about Elaine and the positive influence she has had on my life. Let Elaine into your life and she will forever be in your heart.




DoveWorking with Elaine has opened up a new world of self-realization and spirituality for me, and has helped me make a radical transformation in my everyday life. Under her guidance, I have been able to identify the origins of my old self-destructive patterns of thinking and behavior. She has encouraged me to transform my thinking through practicing gratitude and forgiveness, releasing judgments, and accepting reality. Today, thanks to Elaine, I have a more loving relationship with myself and my family. I have developed a stronger spiritual connection to the universe and my Higher Power than ever before. I feel that I am on a path that will only bring more love and joy into my life.




DoveElaine came recommended to me by an RN who I'd consulted for medical advice. This nurse promised me that Elaine would have me work through things and that she was good. My curiosity was peaked by the tone with which she said that word 'good'. She combines traditional, 'western' style counseling with 'eastern', Spirit-oriented wisdom in a seamless, organic way that produces results. Elaine combines the receptive and nurturing energy of a mother with the insight of a schooled professional. She invites the great love of universal Spirit to assist and inform the process. It works! Sessions with Elaine are like emotional boot camp in the most loving, supportive and comfortable atmosphere possible. I'd worked with counselors before but nothing had ever come close to my experience with Elaine. This past year I found myself suddenly a single mother, suddenly living across the country with aging parents, suddenly starting over in middle age. I did not have the tools that I needed in order to discover my inner abilities to cope, heal and move on. She actually taught me new ways to turn around my seemingly hopeless situation. Elaine introduced me to myself, and for that I will always be grateful.




DoveI am a skeptic and am very fussy. Being in therapy with Elaine Simione showed me the competence, direction and answers I crave. Elaine did more than listen. She brought out my awareness of feelings, validated me, guided me, and led me to experience struggle in a way that I could feel the stability of my personal power. She was the right medicine at the right time. I am continuously grateful.





Elaine Simione and her workshops have truly changed my life! As a result of working with Elaine and attending her workshops, I now have tools to draw from that allow me to love and fully understand myself, better manage stress, find peace and balance in my life, and be inspired from deep down in my soul to connect with God and be all that I can be. Working with Elaine has been the best gift I have ever given to myself.





When I first came to Elaine I was at my wits' end!  I was overwhelmed with anxiety and I was sick and tired of living my life in the same negative pattern.  On the outside I looked like a happy person, but inside I was on a roller coaster of manic emotions.  After just one meeting with Elaine my anxiety and panic ceased and I could see a path ahead that felt right.  Elaine has helped me begin an amazing journey of self-healing and discovery, and she has been my rock through each transition along the way.  I feel that now I am not simply managing my erratic emotions, coping, or numbing them.  But I am gaining so many tools to listen and to heal myself.  My relationships are now blessings rather than mixed up places of stress and conflict.  My self-worth has grown immensely and I feel strong enough to handle any situation...I have gained a trust within and a deeper connection that has brought so much love into my life.  It is hard to summarize all the beautiful things that have happened through my experiences with Elaine and heart-centered therapy, but I can honestly say that it is miraculous!




DoveI have learned a lot about myself in the past year working with Elaine. When I first came to her I was at one of the lowest points in my life, trapped in negative habits and a difficult situation that made me miserable and hateful towards life and myself. In working with Elaine I began to see that what I had actually become trapped in was a steady stream of negative thoughts and helplessness. Elaine helped me to see myself in a more positive perspective and with that I've been opening up spiritually and seeing ways I sync up with the workings of the world. With her encouragement and some very perceptive ideas, I've been able to take my situation and actually change it completely, not just run from it. Looking back over the milestones of taking back control in my life I'm impressed to find such inner strength and self integrity. I'm so thankful to Elaine for helping me discover and improve this part of myself. In reflection I can see how the past years of struggle were the perfect storm of obstacles that I needed to go through. And it wasn't until I began working with Elaine that I was able to rise above, discover my direction and have the confidence to believe I can achieve my own happiness.




DoveI first met Elaine with my sister, Cristina. She wanted me to meet this wonderful woman whom she said was helping her heal, grow and change into a stronger, more spiritual person. I wasn't ready to listen that day as I was too busy with my own life to realize what a blessing that opportunity really was. Then my life changed forever; my beautiful sister suddenly and tragically died. With her death, I was brought to my knees, full of grief. At that point, I came to Elaine for help. I was now ready to listen. That was five years ago. Since then, what I have learned is that God and Spirit are real. Every second and moment of our lives are in devine order; both beautiful moments and tragic events. We heal only when we have the courage to ask for help. We grow when we have the ability to look inside and learn to love ourselves unconditionally. That has been my greatest lesson learned from my work with Elaine. We all have that pivotal moment in our lives where we can choose to suffer or we can choose to heal. I chose to heal, and I am forever grateful to Elaine and look forward to continuing my journey with what I learn in the future from her.


With heartfelt love and gratitude,



There came a point in my life when I began to question, “Why am I the way that I am?”  I had never realized what the fear in my life was costing me. I Tried different counselors but never got to the root of my fear.    With some major changes occurring in my life and a little Divine Intervention, I discovered Elaine, (not your typical therapist) and Vision Quest.   My first visit with her was the beginning of a shift in my energy and an awakening to the truth about my life.  I had never been able to truly acknowledge my inside fear prior to therapy with Elaine.  Through hypnotherapy and other healing modalities, she taught me how to feel my feelings and helped me to realize that there was nothing wrong with me. She aided me in seeing my inner light and allowing that light to shine.  In addition, she helped me to validate my feelings, and to see and feel my worthiness, and self-love, no matter what struggles I may have been experiencing in my life.   Elaine’s methods are unique and tailored to the individual.  There is no judgement, and she comforts you and holds you in highest regard.  Therapy with Elaine was the pivotal point in my life where I chose to heal and to cease suffering.  When fear comes up for me today, I tap into my inner strength and move beyond it by transforming my thinking into gratitude, forgiveness, truth, and embracing reality.  I will be forever grateful to Elaine and am truly blessed to have met her at just the right time.