Elaine Simione is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) by the State of New York, a Psychotherapist, and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCH). She holds a Certification in Release Therapy, Heart-Centered Weight Release (utilizing the power of Hypnotherapy), Breath Therapy, Reiki and Energy Healing.


By the age of 26, I was married and the mother of three small children.  At that time, I was ridden with a severe panic/anxiety disorder that crippled me both physically and emotionally.  My childhood was filled with anxiety and insecurity and it is my suspicion that I carried those imprints from previous traumatic experiences.


I began my soul searching and spiritual journey in my mid to late twenties, and by the time that I was 35, I was driven to learn what my karmic purpose on this earthly plane was really all about.  I felt a deep stirring that gripped the very depths of my soul.  I intuitively knew that pain, risk, trust and a lot of hard work would accompany my new journey into the unknown.  It was then that I returned to school and my life began to take on a different spin, never to be the same.  My personal journey in the spirit world was guided by my deep desire to become whole in body, mind and spirit.  I recognized early on in my healing process that I couldn't aid anyone as a therapist without walking the path of the "wounded healer" myself.  Indeed, it was a lengthy journey of transformation that continues today.  During this time of introspection the toxic shame, anger, fear and sadness from my childhood was transmuted into inner power, strength and compassion.


Today in my private practice, I am able to identify with and aid my clients in healing their emotional wounds and scars because I too have stood in the deepest of pain before that mirror of the self.  Utilizing a holistic approach, the client's school of healing encompasses examining the wounded inner child.  Healing takes place on an emotional as well as an energetic level with guidance coming from spiritual sources.  'Traditional Hypnotherapy' and 'Breathwork' tap into the subconscious mind; however, the 'Heart Centered Hypnotherapy' that I was so fortunate to have experienced at the Wellness Institute in Seattle, WA exposed me to both western psychology and many eastern spiritual practices.  My schooling there took me to a vision quest in the Arizona desert, to the fire walk, and to the sweat lodge with the Shamans in Mexico.  Presently, I'm continuing my journey with The Four Winds Society in Utah as a student of the Healing the Light Body School experiencing the healing traditions of the energy medicine people of the Andes Mountains. Energy medicine healing encompasses shedding one's past through the illumination process and freeing the self of karmic baggage as well as stepping beyond fear, anger, and violence to create a life of peace and well being.


In addition, the study of soul retrieval at Four Winds allows one to re-write soul contracts - some originating before birth thus preventing the person from feeling the grace of the divine. As I continue my process of healing past events and establish the opportunity to change my future destiny I learn how to assist loved ones in the dying process.  In addition, I will be extending my knowledge of energy and intention to create and manifest my visions and dreams as a reality in my current experience in this world. 


In my healing process, I have come to understand that I am much more than a bodily form, but rather I am truly a spiritual being of light energy that is one with the infinite power.  This shift in my perception has altered the way that I live my life and view my human experience.    I now know that I have the power to decide if I will live a life of illumination, divine transcendence and conscious awareness or follow a path of darkness, anxiety and emptiness.  It is my desire to share from my heart center these personal experiences with all beings who feel called to work with me in their healing process.


Let me share with you what your experience as a client at Vision Quest might feel like for you:

I consider myself a healer on a continuous path of Spirit/Self realization.  The healing process with me is a centered journey to wellness utilizing holistic therapies.  Clients who are attracted to me are seeking the spiritual and energetic components of healing work.  They no longer just desire things to happen, but rather they effect changes in their thoughts/behaviors that allow them to happen.  During your sessions you will have the opportunity to experience a unique personal transformation through a mind, body, spiritual approach.


Transformation is about breaking out of one's self-limiting patterns of thinking into empowerment through healing the whole person, rather than the single parts.  At Vision Quest, we heal what is underneath our tedious victimizing stories that are locked in our luminous energy fields, and that only serve to keep us suffering and struggling with life.  We learn to dream courageously and with boldness as we raise our level of consciousness.  Working with me will allow you to meet all of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with love, acceptance and as gifts of opportunity and portals to healing.  In this healing process, you will re-connect to Source Energy where all healing originates.